Why Happiness at Work is Important Now ?

WHY is Happiness at Work is Important Now!

Happy at work = 25% More Productive!

People who are happiest@work report they’re 47% more on task than least happy colleagues;

Happiness at work = Good health= no absenteeism 

Unhappiest employees in the US cost about 450 to 500 billions of dollars (Zappo)

Happiness leads to healty employees, less absenteeism and more performances.

… Being happy at work pays well For everyone

We know that it pays for Managers, CEO and HR to understand the factors and elements of the Science of Happiness at work model and how it impacts performance and results. We do this in order to better help you, help your teams to achieve  positive results and wellbeing.

Want more Happiness at Work…Trust Upvibrations 

Through corporate adapted workshops, coaching, consulting, assessments, 360 degree feedback and real  Team/Tribe Buildings in a cohesif way,

This provides higher results for everyone by empowering effectively  your organisation.

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